Elections are the foundation of our democracy, but our election systems are under attack.

Groups with extreme partisan agendas have been working for decades to re-engineer our election systems to get certain results. But that’s not government by the people; that’s government by dark money through re-engineered election systems for political gain.

Election systems should not be politicized. Every American should be able to vote, vote once, and have it counted. The process should be easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

That’s why Preserve Democracy exists. We are a nonpartisan group led and supported by moderates, Republicans and Democrats. We are devoted to protecting election integrity and working to increase voter turnout.

Preserve Democracy is focused on the following top priorities:

Combat RCV in Alaska, Nevada, and Other States. Through polls, studies, and videos showing RCV suppressed the vote and disenfranchised voters in Alaska, we will educate decision-makers in AK, NV, & other states considering enacting RCV state-wide.

Targeted Voter Registration and Get Out the Vote Efforts in 2023-2024. We will focus on strategically getting-out-the-vote in Alaska and add other House districts with tight races as funds allow. Our methods cost less than half the industry average cost per voter.

Promote Election Integrity. We are mobilizing and empowering voters and policy-makers to support election integrity by educating and equipping them with real data, case studies, and voter perspectives.

Through advocacy, public engagement, education, and targeted get-out-the-vote efforts, we are dedicated to preserving the fundamentals of our democracy by championing democratic participation in elections and increasing trust in election systems. This is key to protecting democratic participation and upholding the will of the constituents.