Founder’s Circle

Thank you to our FOUNDER’S CIRCLE—our key donors who provide critical support to Preserve Democracy’s efforts: Charles M. Daniel M. Charlotte W Karen P George K Lenora V Andrew P Art D Sally D Gary R John D Denise T Lou S Sam A Kathryn C Eva E James S Mark N David H Robert […]

Platinum Founders

Preserve Democracy recognizes and appreciates our Platinum Founders who make our work possible: Susan C. Lon N. Jimmy S. Michele H. Stephen H. William K. Burl R. James C. Lanet S. Gary K. Susan C. Damien S. William D. Gary O. Dr Robert D.

Testified Before Alaska Legislature

On March 28, 2023, Preserve Democracy’s CEO Kelly Tshibaka testified before the Alaska House State Affairs Committee in support of H.B. 1 to repeal Ranked Choice Voting

Get Out the Vote

Thanks to the support of Preserve Democracy donors, we are running a Get-Out-the-Vote pilot project in Alaska. We’re using innovative methods to see how we can successfully increase voter participation in a state that had record low voter turnout just 5 months ago. We are launching over 14,000 text messages 20,000 phone calls, 14,000 mailers, […]

Provided Evidence in Minnesota Legislature Hearing

Preserve Democracy provided evidence regarding the effects of Ranked-Choice Voting on the 2022 Alaska elections to the Minnesota House Elections Committee for its hearing on HF 2486, a bill to allow all municipal elections to be run by RCV.


Preserve Democracy assisted local leaders in Nevada in their efforts to oppose a ballot initiative that would amend their Constitution in a way that would undermine election integrity and increase voter suppression.


Preserve Democracy provided information and data to leaders in Georgia who were coordinating with legislators on policy affecting their election integrity.